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How to use The Super Current Wireless Charging Module

The Super Current Wireless Charging Module (5V 2A) is used for wireless charging several different small electronic devices, it creates a magnetic field that the electronic device will absorb in order to gain energy.


Due to this guide being only an example of how to use the product, we will be mostly using alligator clip wires to connect the components together. In this guide, we will be using the Super Current Wireless Charging Module (5V 2A) and Digital Multimeter (DT9205A) that are both from our store.


Wiring Guide

Step 1: First of all, let's connect a power source to the alligator clips.

Step 2: Let's test out the voltage that will be given into the wireless charging module by using a multimeter. Set the Multimeter to 20V to measure the voltage in between 0V-20V.

Looks like the voltage given is around 12.5V, which is perfect for our wireless charger which operates at around 9V-12V.

Step 3: Connect the Transmiter Module to the alligator clips.

Step 4: Connect a second pair of alligator clips to the Receiver Module and the Multimeter.

Step 5: Now you can connect the power to the Transmitter Module and hover the Receiver Module over it. There should be a red light to confirm when the Receiver Module is receiving power.