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How to use Hakko FS-100 Tip Cleaning Paste

Tip Cleaning procedure using FS-100 Tip Cleaning Paste:

BEFORE: Oxidized tipAFTER: Re-tinned tip

For optimum performance, use the FS-100 paste in conjunction with the Hakko FT-700 tip polisher for increased oxide removal.

The suitable temperature for cleaning is around 350℃.
1. Tin the tip with the chemical paste FS-100 (to remove oxides).
2. Wipe out the chemical paste FS-100 left on the tip with a cleaning sponge or cleaning wire.
3. Feed solder to the tip and see whether or not solder wets on it.
4. Repeat the above steps of 2 to 4 until solder wets on the tip surface.
5. If solder wets on the tip surface again, feed enough solder to cover the tip to prevent oxidation at the end.